Terminology and Information

Fact or Fiction?  It depends.  Orbs began appearing more frequently when digital cameras began hitting the market in the 1990s.  Most reputable “ghost hunters” will debunk Orbs as something occurring naturally in the air and are indeed not spirits.  Dust particles, refracted light, rain, snow, fuzz, a spot on the camera lens – all of these can appear as “Orbs”.

The best way to empirically prove an Orb is indeed a spirit – take at least 2 pictures in succession.  If it appears in the first one and not the second one, you may have a spirit.

The different colors found in Orbs can also provide some guidance (with further supporting evidence such as Electronic Voice Phenomenon- EVPs), on what exactly the Orb may be.

Clear: the entity wants to communicate with you.

Blue: someone’s spirit guide may be nearby.

Color of Fire: No alarms!  this is probably a signal that a protective entity is nearby.

Green: this Orb is probably someone who was once an earth-bound spirit (not an Angel or Demon).

White:  Depends on who you ask – this could be a trapped spirit or an Angel. Either way, these are not to be feared and are usually loving and protective.

Black or Dark: If you feel ill-at-ease or a heaviness in the air when this color Orb is present, leave the area.  These are typically representative of a lower vibrational entity.

What is a “Vibration” when we speak about spirit entities?  Think animals.  Animals can hear and respond to sounds in a frequency humans cannot (with the naked ear).  The energy of frequencies corresponds to Vibrations.  Still confused?  I don’t blame you!

If an entity (living or dead) is angry, trapped, fearful, mean – this energy frequency will be low – on a lower Vibration.

If an entity (living or dead) is happy, joyful, peaceful – this energy frequency will be higher – on a higher Vibration.

At the moment you are formed by Divine Light (God, Universe – whatever name you call the Creator), a “Master” Spirit Guide is chosen for you.  You will also have Spirit Guides join and leave you throughout your life to help ensure you complete the karmic journey you chose.  Spirit Guides can be entities who have only existed in spirit OR they can be those who have passed.  Your Spirit Guide can present as intuition, “gut feelings”, dreams, visions, or signs – sometimes REALLY OBVIOUS!

If you want to know your Spirit Guide, you can meditate and ask them to show themselves.  You can also consult a Medium to help you meet them.

1890: Idea conceived by Charles Kennard from Baltimore, Maryland, along with 2 of the 4 original investors Elijah Bond (attorney) and Colonel Washington Bowie (surveyor).  Together they started the Kennard Novelty Company.  The name “Ouija” came from Mr. Bond’s sister-in-law Helen Peters.  Led by Helen Peters, the investors asked the Board to provide its name.  The name “Ouija” was answered and, when asked what that meant, the Board provided “Good Luck”.  Important to note:  Helen Peters was wearing a locket with a woman’s image and the word “Ouija” was above her head.  This could actually have been the women’s rights activist Ouida.

February 10, 1891:  Patent, after its ability having been proven at the Patent Office, was issued.  The Board was first advertised at the sale price $1.50.

The Board was invented to make money, understanding the “spiritualist” climate that existed at the time.

Most reputable psychics will note that not only is Ouija not a game – but the door to the spirit world from Ouija is too open and anything can come through and “attach’ itself.

Never buy or use a Ouija.  Period.

can be a black mist, usually associated with a foul odor, can appear beautiful, can appear scary – was never a person.

A Ghost can be recognized by its “intelligent” interaction with the living.  Sometimes confused with Residual Energy that will involve a replaying of events, a Ghost will answer questions and provide information.  Ghosts are the spirit, or life-force, energy, etc. of something that has once lived (person, animal).

A Poltergeist (a German word for “noisy ghost”) is energy generated OUTWARD; usually caused by a person with a lot of angst.  Poltergeists are often displayed as loud noises, things being moved, broken, disheveled.  Poltergeists can also be known to scratch and bite people or trip them.  There has been some debate over the origin of a Poltergeist.  Most reputable paranormal pundits believe a Poltergeist is actually energy, or angst as described above, that creates havoc in their surroundings.  This is further supported by the evidence that a Poltergeist will follow a person.  Another interesting fact – Poltergeists are almost always found in a home with a teenage girl.